Middle & High School Master Schedule

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Meet The Teachers

Reading, Bible, Vocabulary

Kierra Cannon



Ext. 120



An alumni of CCCS Fredericktown, Kierra went on to graduate from Calvary Chapel Bible College with a theology degree.  Kierra has had the opportunity to spend a semester of her Bible college time in Italy. Kierra also serves as a short term missionary and has been to Jamaica, Guatemala, Mexico, England, Cambodia and Italy.


 Kierra has been employed as a teacher since 2014.


Rich Cramer



Ext. 129




Rich Cramer graduated from Brownsville Area High School and obtained his Bachelor of Arts Secondary Technology Education degree from Fairmont State College.


Rich has been employed as a teacher at Calvary Chapel since 2006. Rich currently teaches 7–12 Grade Math/Science classes and our Tech Ed classes.

Rich also works with and accompanies our students on our yearly over sea mission trips as we partner with Hands and Feet Ministries.


Most importantly Rich is married to Cathy and has 3 daughters


Lori Duer




Ext. 130



Lori Duer graduated from Franklin Regional High School and obtained her Bachelor of Science – Elementary Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her Masters of Education in Reading from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


Lori has been employed as a teacher at Calvary Chapel since 2007.


Most importantly Lori is a wife to Dr. Nathan Duer and a Mom of two children


Darci Gutosky



Ext. 125



Darci Gutosky graduated from California Area High School and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from California University of Pennsylvania and her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from California University of Pennsylvania. Darci has been employed as a teacher at Calvary Chapel since 2011.


Most importantly Darci is a wife to John Paul Gutosky and a Mom to John and Warren.


Shannon Sheppick



Ext. 128



Shannon Sheppick graduated from Cal- U with a degree in health science in 2005, and legal studies in 2015.  She transitioned to a secondary teacher for CCCS in 2015.  She has a provisional ACTS teaching certificate, and is currently taking classes to make this certification official.  


Most importantly, Shannon is a wife to her husband Richard and children, Richard and Luke.


Michelle Lewis








Michelle Lewis graduated from Bethlehem-Center High School and obtained her Bachelor of Arts Secondary Social Studies degree from California University of Pennsylvania.


Michelle has been employed at Calvary Chapel since January 2019.  Currently, she is teaching History 6, Computer Applications, Art Appreciation and Dance.  Michelle also assists in the yearly school musical production.


Outside of school Michelle teaches dance for Moschetta’s Performing Arts Center at its three locations.


Beth Williams


Ext. 136



Beth Williams graduated from Logos University in Jacksonville, Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Christian Education.  She has been a teacher in christian schools for 20 plus years as well as been a coach for girls' basketball, co-ed soccer, and co-ed track and field.  Beth has worked with the children's ministry for many years as well.  She feels that God is directing her into short term missions now as well.


This is Beth's first year teaching here at Calvary Chapel Christian School.  She teaches Jr. High/ Sr. High Science, Consumer Math, and Intro to Algebra.  Beth will be coaching the girls' basketball team this fall, and she hopes to accompany our students on our yearly over seas mission trip.


Most importantly, Beth is Mom to 3 beautiful children and Grandma to 4 grandchildren.


Debbie Roberts



Ext. 126



Debbie Roberts graduated from Waynesburg University (then college) in 1997 with her degree in elementary education.  She taught for a time at Open Door Christian school before coming to Calvary Chapel.


Debbie has been employed as a teacher at Calvary Chapel since 2015.

Most importantly Debbie is a wife to husband Kevin and a mom to her son Kevin and daughter Elsa.


John Thomas




Ext. 104



Pastor John is the founder and Pastor of Calvary Chapel Brownsville which serves as the home church of Calvary Chapel Christian School. Pastor John grew up in Southern Californian where he was mentored by Chuck Smith who is the father of the Jesus movement of the 1960’s and founder of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa California. On an adventure with God, John moved his family from Southern California to Fredericktown Pennsylvania in 1984. After seven years of teaching bible studies in the surrounding communities Calvary Chapel was born in Fredericktown. As the church began to grow, the ministry Calvary Chapel Christian School started in 1997.  In 2017 the church purchased the Cox Donahey School building in Brownsville. Shortly after, the church and school relocated to Brownsville. Pastor John is active in the school ministry and teaches a high school Bible class daily, a middle school/high school chapel weekly, and an elementary chapel monthly. Pastor John is married to his sweetheart Shelly for 45 years. They have two children, and eight grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.