Covid 19 Office Hours. The school office will be open Tuesday and Wednesday's from 10:00 am - 3:00 PM. If you need to stop in, these would be the appropriate times. However, we are available daily via email/phone! Please email one of us if you need anything or need to stop in the school at a different time we would be happy to help! The school email is











Mark Your Calendar
  • Today (May 21)- Last Wednesday Email for the 2019-2020 school year

  • July 20th - August 6th - FREE SUMMER SCHOOL 

  • Saturday, July 25th- High School Graduation 6:00 pm



Student Mask/Safety Parent Permission Form-  CLICK HERE

Summer packets- We will have your child’s report card and other important information for you, when you return your student’s books. PLEASE- NOTE- If you did not receive your child’s report card, all financial accounts (lunch, tuition, etc) must be paid in full. We will mail out a June, July and August packet, snail mail.


Summer Fundraiser(Tuition Fundraiser)- Fundraiser is for your oldest student’s tuition. You can sell hoagies, Rada, or both. Orders and payment are due in the office on Wednesday, July 1st. Pick up day will be Thursday, July 23rd. We will send out the times on Remind when we get closer to the date. If you need extra fundraiser forms or information, please use links below.


Hoagie Form

Rada Form

Info Sheet


Book Return- Please be sure you return your students textbooks this week, and any other items that are the schools. Remember to return any chromebooks or devices as well.

Yearbook- Please fill out the link below if you would like to order a yearbook. The yearbook is $25.00. NOTE: The yearbooks will be delivered after the start of next school year due to the late high school graduation date. 


Yearbook Form


Scholarship Interest Form - If you are interested in learning and applying for scholarships for the 2020-21 school year, please complete the interest from. Click on the blue link. :) The purpose of the form is to help the financial office decide which scholarships are applicable to you and your family. 




Free Summer (3 weeks) School being offered- In an effort to help get our students back on track/schedule, we are offering a 3-week summer school for some classes. We are offering this at no charge to you the parents. NOTE: If we have a small enrollment, we may shorten the three-week window, if it is not needed.

We really appreciate your effort to continue to pay tuition through this time, we thought it fitting to offer summer schooling for free. However, transportation will NOT be available for these three weeks. We will have an enrollment form in May sent via Wednesday email to enroll your student. 

  • The school will be daily Monday - Thursday from 8:00 am - 12:00 NOON. 

  • TENTATIVE DATES- Monday July 20th - Thursday August 6th. (The students will then get a week off before the first day of school for fall.)

  • Obviously, interest, enrollment, and teacher availability are all key. However, I am blessed to say that most teachers are available and excited to help! 

  • This is only being offered to currently enrolled students (2019-20) who are returning next school year. 

  • Students will be in the classroom from this current school year. 


Summer School Enrollment Form


Questions? Give us a call. 724.785.2777

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